One Minute Meditations to Repeat Throughout the Day

I’m working on an online program that Christians can participate in together.  My first title was:

The 31 Day Challenge – 31 DAYS OF RESTORING JOY

Another title was:  One Month of Intentional Receiving

But there are now more than 31 affirmations, so I ‘m back to the drawing board on what title to give it.  Do you have any ideas?

  1. What matters most today is that I belong to him.
  2. He knows me far better than I know myself; he knows me completely.
  3. God has such great love for me that He can gaze at my hidden mistrust, my evil desires and my cherished addictions without having to pretend that my character is better than it actually is. He loves me dearly.
  4. The tragedy of my brokenness stems largely from the splendor of His high hopes for me and how my way of thinking has wandered far from his incredible design for my existence.
  5. Even knowing me as He does, He accepts me fully. Unlike some earthly fathers, my Heavenly Father does not get stressed out and leave me stranded.
  6. The love that God has for me now is warm and generous, not reluctant or cautious.
  7. Because He accepts me completely I can afford the risk of being honest with myself. Only when I’m nestled in the arms of his sweet acceptance can I muster the courage to gaze at the full extent of my deficiencies and cynicism.
  8. The voices of shame in my head are not from God, but emanate from the part of my humanity that has been tarnished by myself, others, and evil itself.
  9. He knows that the roots of evil in my inner life are far deeper than what I can extract with my own willpower. He is attending to the problem. I am aware of his hidden work in my character when I find myself with a new “I want to…” desire for something good and right.
  10. God enjoys reassuring me of his deep love for me right at the moment when I am most aware of failing him and of my own inadequacies.
  11. The feeling of His presence in and around me is one of the sweetest experiences of life and is worth seeking. If God feels amazement it must be at my reluctance to seek His presence more often. Yet, He accepts me just the same.
  12. Jesus went to great lengths to secure a better life for me. He is thoroughly invested in my having day after day of abundant, satisfying living that is rich with meaning and punctuated by real happiness.
  13. Jesus is trying to move me into an increasing inner freedom. He would rather have me do 2 things right because I want to (freely), than 10 things good out of duty.
  14. When I feel alive with his presence my capacity to experience pleasure of all types is greater and more deeply satisfying.
  15. God is my Good and Kind Father and as such He wants good things for me.
  16. God has created me in His likeness and he enjoys it when He sees me experiencing all types of pleasurable experiences, relationships, activities and accomplishments…and sometimes I actually feel His pleasure.
  17. God worries more about me settling for too little than about me wanting too much.  He smiles when I live passionately and pull out all the stops.
  18. At the same time, He desires my inner life to be one of peace rather than being driven.
  19. He wants me to pay attention to the quality of my relationships because He knows that authentic love brings life and healing wherever it goes.
  20. God created me to have vision, goals, ambitions, effective work, and achievements. He likes it when I live out the design he has for my humanity.
  21. The boundaries He puts on my relationships are to protect me and the integrity he desires for me. They are not intended to be dampen my true nature.
  22. God wants me to be realistic today. If I want to I can express my doubts, fears, frustration, and anger to him. He can handle it. I can say my unspeakable thoughts outloud to Him;   He is big enough to not be overwhelmed by me or any emotion I might feel.
  23. Sufferings and disappointments will be a part of my life until my transformation is complete:  when I am physically raised from the dead to live in the new earth that will be merged with heaven.
  24. Why God allows unspeakable suffering and withholds His warm presence at times makes sense to just about anyone who happens to be omniscient, but is hidden from my view in this life.  I choose to trust that God knows what He is doing and is more able than I am to make wise decisions about the complexities and paradoxes of good and evil.
  25. I can be optimistic today without minimizing anything and everything that is genuinely wrong because someday I will be raised from the dead.
  26. Part of my journey of growth is to recover from cynicism and shattered hopes that accumulate with time.  It means searching for and entering into new corridors of joy in his presence.
  27. It is worth my time to actively seek out the sweetness of His presence.
  28. Long before I was born, something went terribly wrong with all of humanity.  Among other things, it means that every day has frustrations. I need to stop expecting everything to run smoothly.
  29. I can roll with life better when I take time to put life in perspective. Waiting for Him is worth the time taken from other important things.  Consequently, taking time to relax, stealing time to wait for His presence is my act of faith.
  30. I need people in my life who help me experience fresh ways of keeping all of this in mind without trivializing the things that bother me. I need people who care about me even when it doesn’t make them feel good, or when they feel helpless to do or say anything constructive.  I need people who track with me the unfolding of my life and the progress of my journey.
  31. Life is messy, but Jesus is someone I can count on. His visible resurrection power in my life is not continuous; rather it is intermittent. The same is true of  Christ’s sufferings spilling over into my life.  And yet, He never leaves me, never stops loving me.
  32. All these considerations are not part of a giant to do list for me to be constantly striving for, but they are part of what the Holy Spirit is gradually recreating in my life. It’s more about gazing than striving. (John 3:15).  I gaze at His glorious truth when I repeat these affirmations out loud.

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Lynn Cole

Found your site in the midst of a frightening several weeks of job loss, followed by homeloss, followed by root canal, followed by two trips to the ER with throat constriction and accompanying full blown panic attacks. Been a believer for many years, been through many “intermittant” afflictions in my 57 years. I stole “intermittant from you already!ha!) Had Jobs comforters, (God help us learn how to comfort!) Anyway, I found as I read what you have shared and especially the “list” the Lord bringing revelation, hence a new feeling of freedom to my weary frightened soul. Love the list. So human.
So the spirit of Christ that I have clung and hoped in from first conversion experience through this walk of faith. We just get the lies all over us from time to time,and we need God to break their power for us! What once was simple becomes impossible to navigate through! The best anaology I can come up with right now is like in the old movies,and someone starts to panic in a disasterous situation, the person gives them a big shocking slap across the face which apparently (at least in the movies) restores them to sanity again to deal more effectively with the situation at hand. Tired and starting to ramble here. I will keep this site in my favorites. Wondering what personally inspired you to right it?!! Bless you brother!!!!! Sincerely, Lynn Cole

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