Poem: A Confusing Promise

Inspired by Psalm 57:1-2 while reflecting on the sudden death of a man in his thirties, a brother to a friend of mine.

I turned and saw the sweetness of living

Bright faces gathered around the table,

Summoning me to dinner

Summoning me to life.

I turned again and saw the pain,

A man swept away in his thirties.

Dark images of loss,

Children missing their father.

I turned and looked up

And saw the confusing promise,

“Devout men are taken away,

And no one understands.”

I turned and looked out the window

And saw the flood of evil:

Relentless toil and difficulty,

Opaque waters from which he has been spared.

Then I pondered the peace that he has found

Royalty, drenched in light

Summoning him to the Banquet

Summoning him to Life.

Copyright 2006 Gregory E Hamlin

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