Living with Depression: Love is Impatient?

A wife living with a depressed husband is a woman living with depression.  It may not be hers, but she is living with it all the same.  Similarly, children living with a depressed mom are living with depression.  It’s true that a person contemplating suicide greatly minimizes the wreckage that will be created in the lives of people left behind.  But it’s also true that depressed Christians often minimize the negative impact of their mood on people they care about the most.

When you are living with depression that is not your own, it becomes a matter of love.  I define love as giving attention or effort to the highest good of someone else.   We know that love is patient.  But sometimes love is impatient:  it involves asking the depressed family member to quit pretending and get some help for the depression.  The patience comes while you wait for them to act while you are living with depression.  But if you want what is best (love) for a depressed person, then you want them to get the treatment or help that they need.

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