Loneliness and Depression: It Feels Like You Are From Another Planet

Christians who suffer from clinical depression often experience loneliness and depression together in tight fellowship.   Why is this?  One reason is that depression itself makes a person feel disconnected.  Big crowd loneliness and depression creates a feeling of not belonging.  People in the church are attracted to movers and the shakers.  When you are depressed you feel out of the loop even if you are keeping very busy.  It’s also true that depression can make serving in the church feel like pure obligation with no heart.  Loneliness and depression can then set the stage for a crisis-of-faith questions like, “Why am I doing this?”  “What’s the point?”  “Doesn’t anyone know that I am struggling here?”  “Does anyone care?”

The main antidote for this situation is for people to pay attention.  We need to work to provide of culture of caring for individuals with the Body of Christ.  One simple and practical way to deal with loneliness and depression in the church is to ask, “How are you?” with an expectation to listen carefully for more than a few seconds.

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