Male Depression is Often Looks More Like Stressed-Out Rage Than Sadness

Male depression is much more frequent than most people realize.   Here are a few of my thoughts about why male depression is often overlooked.  First, men don’t stop and ask for directions.  Joking aside, men often can’t get their mind around using resources like therapy until they are deep inside the suicidal zone.  Second, depression is a beast that morphs from overt sadness  into anger for many men.  Irritability, rage, and being tightly wound are hallmarks of male depression.

Now consider what this means.  If a friend of yours is obviously very sad, you may be inclined to reach out to her.  But if it is depressed man who is raging at you, then you are probably more concerned about getting out of the way than reaching out.  And so it goes, many men suffer from male depression and don’t know it or won’t acknowledge it.  The people who love them suffer from the hard edge of the anger.

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