Managing Depression: Thank God for Technology

When we speak of managing depression it usually refers to a clinical depression that is has been around for a long time.  There are various kinds of depression that are either long term due to trauma or due to hereditary factors.  For example, bipolar depression comes and goes during a person’s life.  The “treatment” involves managing depression symptoms rather than getting rid of the illness.

For people who suffer from chronic, life-long depression road is indeed difficult.   There is evidence that Abraham Lincoln battled lifelong depression.  Charles Spurgeon, a great preacher of the 19th century, is said to have battled depression all his life.  Today, we have medications that greatly help with containing the damage caused by chronic depression.  While some people fear this technology, I thank God for it.  I have seen so many people get their lives back after finally discovering a treatment effective for them. God created in His image as male and female.  It is this and only this that makes it possible for men and women to conduct research and discover new solutions.  God is our Creator and so we create by inventing marvelous things.

So managing depression that  persists really comes down to two main tasks.  First, it means using the best of our current knowledge about depression.  Second, it involves harnessing the best of current technology for managing depression symptoms.

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